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Stretching & Conditioning -

This class teaches dancers various tools to use in the studio and at home to increase their flexibility and strength on every area of their body. All dancers need to have a equal balance in this field to ensure they have a long lasting career. homework is provided and thera-bands are required.

Advanced Modern -  Explore the laterals of Horton technique with a splash of Graham contractions to awaken your core. This class is designed for advanced students who have prior dance experience. Ages vary.

Class Descriptions

Ballet/Tap - Enjoy a mixture of Ballet technique with French dance vocabulary and Tap steps with your own rhythms. You get two techniques in one hour! This class can be offered for beginners to advance dancers.

Creative Movement - What is creativity? Find out in our classes this season. Explore your ideas that create dance pieces all on your own... with your instructor's help of course! Young students love this class as it's not a traditional dance class, it's fun for one hour. Before they know it, they have made a whole song just being creative.

African/Modern - Find your inner roots in this class. Western African technique and a Modern flare, you will be sure to find your rhythm. This class is offered to beginners to intermediate students. Need a preview? Come see the class today!

D'Amour School of Dance

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Pre-Ballet/Tap & Jazz - Students in this class enjoy learning three different techniques in one hour. All students are encouraged to stretch, gain creativity and learn choreography. From learning their basic ballet techniques starting with positions and terminology, from finding the rhythm in music and dancing to it, to making noise taping away and seeing that not all "noise" is bad! Our students love this class (it's our favorite too)!

Jazz/Hip Hop - Get your inner Sasha Fierce or Bad Boy on in this class. With the latest songs from your favorite artists, you will love to moove and groove for this hour. Show your instructor what it takes to make it. See us today!

D'Amour School of Dance